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[aspectj-users] Fw: Need help getting AJDT 3.6 + Scala 2.8.0 plugins to coexist

AJDT 3.6 + Scala 2.8.0 (current RC versions) do not mix.
Earlier releases of both do not mix either.

I have been trying to get both plugins to work since Eclipse 3.4 with different approaches, all of which have all failed.

This week I tried Helios M6 (3.6 = eclipse-jee-helios-M6-win32.zip) with the newest Scala 2.8.0 RC plugin installed.
After installing the development AJDT 3.6 plugin at http://download.eclipse.org/tools/ajdt/36/dev/update/
I still have conflicts (JDT-related).

Can anyone tell me if these two plugins can peacefully coexist inside the same Eclipse installation and if so, how to configure this?

Thank you!