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Re: [aspectj-users] around advice and return type mismatch ?

Hi Rajat,
whie it may sound confusing the first time, you can use "Object around(...)" also to weave around void methods. For example :

Object around() : execution(.. something matching methods here ...) {
  System.out.println("Doing something");
  return proceed();

AspectJ will know that the method it is weaving is a void method, and return a special value that represents "void".

If you use "return proceed(input)" in the second advice in your example, it will apply to both cases.

Hope this helps,


2010/4/16 Rajat Gupta <innocent_person1@xxxxxxxxx>
I got a solution.
Is this a correct way or there is a better way for solving this issue, please tell.

    pointcut setterPointcut(Object input): within(pkg.*) && args(input) && execution(*void* jsSet_*(*));   
    pointcut setterPointcut1(Object input): within(pkg.*) && args(input) && execution(*Object* jsSet_*(*));   

    void around(Object input) : setterPointcut(input){
        if (input != null) {

    Object around(Object input) : setterPointcut1(input){
        if (input != null) {
            System.out.println(input + " 2 ");
        return null;


From: Rajat Gupta <innocent_person1@xxxxxxxxx>
To: aspect-J <aspectj-users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Fri, April 16, 2010 3:56:14 PM
Subject: [aspectj-users] around advice and return type mismatch ?

Hi All,

File for this example are attached.
The main problem is the around advice, how should i call that around advice?

I want to insert put around advice on these both following methods,

     public void jsSet_print(String xyz) throws Exception, IOException

    public Object jsSet_print3(String xyz) throws Exception, IOException

so i created a pointcut,  i think should be
    pointcut setterPointcut(Object input): within(pkg.*) && args(input) && execution(* jsSet_*(*));   
to match with both.

now by doing this advice
    void around(Object input) : setterPointcut(input){

it gave the error (runs fine though).

I had also tried with,
    Object around(Object input) : setterPointcut(input){

please suggest how should i do it so that both the methods has the aspect inserted.


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