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Re: [aspectj-users] 'Annotates' decorations are not visible

Hi Simeon,
the problem you are describing is related to AJDT, the Eclipse plugin for AspectJ.

Are you sure that "Project -> Build automatically ..." is active in Eclipse? If it isn't for a legitimate reason, have you tried cleaning and rebuilding the project (Project -> Clean... then select the project and the checkbox "Start a build immediately after clean") ?


2010/4/15 Leyzerzon, Simeon <simeon.leyzerzon@xxxxxxxx>

I was in the process of refactoring in Eclipse and moved an existing aspect into a different package.  The problem is that on a moved aspect now the 'annotates' decoration in the left margin in Eclipse don't show and consequently 'Cross References' view is blank for that aspect.  I tried creating a new aspect in a new package and am observing similar behavior.  Original aspect shows the decorations fine.

How would I enable those decorations on an aspect?

Here's my .project file contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

and the aspect:

package com.citi.gdos.iris.smart.cache;

import org.springmodules.cache.annotations.Cacheable;

public aspect SmartCachingIntroduction {

       declare @method: public * *..getFailsFilter(..) : @Cacheable(modelId="failsFilterCacheModel");
       declare @method: public * *..getFailsDualAxisChart(..) : @Cacheable(modelId="failsDualAxisChartCacheModel");
       declare @method: public * *..getFailsByOpsOwner(..) : @Cacheable(modelId="failsByOpsOwnerGridCacheModel");
       declare @method: public * *..getFailsByOpsSummary(..) : @Cacheable(modelId="failsByOpsSummaryGridCacheModel");

       declare @method: public * *..getNostrosFilter(..) : @Cacheable(modelId="nostrosFilterCacheModel");
       declare @method: public * *..getNostrosDualAxisChart(..) : @Cacheable(modelId="nostrosDualAxisChartCacheModel");
       declare @method: public * *..getNostrosByOpsOwner(..) : @Cacheable(modelId="nostrosByOpsOwnerGridCacheModel");

I'm using AspectJ 1.6

Thank you in advance.
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