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[aspectj-users] Build problems / OOM in Eclipse


I'm currently investigating the feasibility to apply AspectJ to a larger
commercial code base. While test-driving Eclipse and Ant tasks I found some
odd behavior. Maybe it's me, maybe it's a bug.

The first thing I could drill down on is a build in Eclipse hanging the
entire IDE and eating ridiculous amounts of memory. The code with which I
can reproduce this problem is like this:

We first have an interface which defines one method which throws exceptions
specified by generic type arguments, like this:

interface Op14<Ret, E1 extends Throwable, E2 extends Throwable, ..., E14
extends Throwable> {
Public Ret execute(String aArg) throws RemoteException, E1, E2, ..., E14;

Then we specialize on the interface in a telescoping-style pattern to reduce
the number of exceptions that need to be specified:

// Extend up to Op14
interface Op1<Ret, E1 extends Throwable> extends Op2<Ret, E1, E1> {}
interface Op0<Ret> extends Op1<Ret, RuntimeException> {}

Then we have a separate class were the Op0 interface is implemented in an
anonymous inner class:

Public class UseOperator {
Void method() throws ...
Op0<String> f = new Op0<String>(){
String execute(String aArg) throws RemoteException
Return aArg;

And finally we have a simple aspect:

Public aspect NoSystemStreams {
Declare warning : get(java.io.PrintStream System.out) : "No system.out";
Declare warning : get(java.io.PrintStream System.err) : "No system.err";

This still compiles fine. However, if I change the warning declaration to

Declare warning : within(com.msr..*) && get(java.io.PrintStream System.out)
: "No system.out";

Compilation never finishes and starts eating what seems like arbitrary
amounts of heap (max Eclipse heap here was 2.5GB, and it did not suffice!).
It also seems like when reducing the inheritance depth to Op13, the problem
also disappears.

This is a show-stopper as AspectJ cannot handle the grown code base. If you
like, I'll file a bug report with archives of working and failing Eclipse

All of this has been tried with Eclipse 3.5.2 and both AJDT 2.0.2 and
2.0.3.e35x-20100410-1900; the problem occurs independently of the weaving
service being enabled or not.

Any help or feedback would be appreciated!