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Re: [aspectj-users] Can we access any static join point information in declare error/warning?


On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 6:11 PM, Andy Clement <andrew.clement@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
>> I did flinch a bit when I saw your syntax proposal of "%...%" (very
>> Windows shell-esque) with cryptic tokens "DT" and "N".  I'm never
>> going to remember those (my brain's getting full & needs to do some
>> garbage collection, but the GC thread isn't at a high enough priority
>> yet :) ).
> I only slapped those %..%s out to demonstrate the concept of using
> inserts rather than executing code to create the message.
>> Please consider other Java-centric syntaxes that are already out there
>> for replacement, like Ant/Servlet-Unified-EL/Bash ("${...}"), printf
>> ("%..."), and SpEL/JSF ("#{...}").  I would prefer to use a syntax
>> that is as close to Java as possible, since that's the environment in
>> which it will be used.
> Indeed, I am the creator of SpEL after all so should keep that in mind :)
>> Also, I'd vote for spelled out implicit objects, like in JSP
>> ("session", "request", etc).  For example, "declaredType" and "name"
>> instead of "DT" & "N".  It's just more Java-like.
> This idea of mirroring the API usage is mentioned in bug 48080 (see
> the first comment by Jim).  I have just committed the following
> support:
>  declare warning: execution(* A.m(..)): "joinpoint location is
> {joinpoint.sourcelocation.sourcefile}:{joinpoint.sourcelocation.line}";
>  declare warning: execution(* A.m(..)): "joinpoint is {joinpoint}";
>  declare warning: execution(* A.m(..)): "joinpoint kind is '{joinpoint.kind}'";
>  declare warning: execution(* A.m(..)): "joinpoint line is
> '{joinpoint.sourcelocation.line}'";
>  declare warning: get(int *) && within(A): "joinpoint signature is
> {joinpoint.signature}";
>  declare warning: execution(* A.m(..)): "joinpoint declaring type is
> {joinpoint.signature.declaringType}";
>  declare warning: execution(* A.m(..)): "advice sourcelocation is
> {advice.sourcelocation.sourcefile}:{advice.sourcelocation.line}";
>  declare warning: get(int *): "aspect is {advice.aspecttype}";
>  declare warning: get(int *): "signature name for field is
> {joinpoint.signature.name}";
>  declare warning: execution(* A.m(..)): "signature name for method is
> {joinpoint.signature.name}";
> Andy
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