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Re: [aspectj-users] DISCUSS: Syntax change suggestion


On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 12:22 PM, Andy Clement <andrew.clement@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Interesting.  When I first read it, I preferred:
> before : aMethodIWantToAdvise(String foo, Bar bar) {
> rather than
> I think that leaves me voting for:
> before : aMethodIWantToAdvise(String foo, Bar bar) {
Me likey.

> But I should also probably say that syntax sugar tends to be low on
> the priority list whilst there are more serious bugs - hence the new
> intertype syntax has dropped down the priority list already due to
> just being sugar (and that it requires some serious engineering due to
> the need to change that grammar file - always a horrible job!).

> I guess I can also see the value in supporting finally with after -
> I'd say that was a different enhancement request.  And you are right,
> as finally already is a keyword it wouldn't be a nightmare task to
> support it :)
Sounds reasonable to me.

> I should spend more time on the groovy/aspectj integration as I get a
> lot of requests for projects to support all 3 languages
> (java/groovy/aspectj) - so whilst we're on a syntax discussion - does
> anyone want to scribble out a DSL for AspectJ code style in groovy?
> I'm wondering how neat we could get it.  Suppose you wanted to write
> your aspect in groovy code.  There is annotation style, of course, but
> is there a groovy DSL form that looks like the existing AspectJ code
> style (perhaps even covering ITDs and not just advice...)
Perhaps it's time to enter some issues for syntax sugar?