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[aspectj-users] LTW and Subpackages

I'm using load time weaving (specifically, Andy Clement's very cool
WeavingGroovyClassLoader) to advise groovy scripts at run time. My
scripts are all subclasses of a parent class, AuditPoint. I use the
following pointcut to advise calls to two particular methods:

void around(final AuditPoint audit_point) : target(audit_point) &&
(execution(void edu.wm.arborist.domain.audit.AuditPoint.check()) ||
execution(void edu.wm.arborist.domain.audit.AuditPoint.apply()))

This works like a champ, as long as my script is in the same package
(edu.wm.arborist.domain.audit) as its parent class. I've noticed that
if I move the script to a subpackage
(edu.wm.arborist.domain.audit.scripts), my advise is not being applied
correctly. If I recreate this using compile-time weaving, it does

Am I missing something here? I've tried various combination of ".."
and "AuditPoint+" to no avail.

Thanks for any advise (pun intended),