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[aspectj-users] Are you loadtime weaving? What do your include/exclude patterns look like?

At the moment AspectJ optimizes for only a couple of include/exclude
patterns - I'd like to optimize some more and am collecting input on
what patterns people are using?

Here is an example aop.xml file

  <aspect name="Logging"/>
  <weaver options="-verbose">
              <include within="javax..*"/>
              <include within="org.aspectj.*"/>
              <include within="@NoWeave *"/>
              <exclude within="bar.*"/>

I'm interested in the kind of thing you might be specifying as within
patterns in the weaver include/exclude settings.

AspectJ currently optimizes for com.foo.* and com.foo..* style
patterns *only*.  Are you:
- using annotations?
- using compound patterns with AND/OR/NOT?
- doing something funky?

I guess I'm also interested in how many you have - just a couple? 10? 50?

Let me know and if there look like some very popular patterns that
seem worth trying to speed up, I'll try and do so for 1.6.7