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Re: [aspectj-users] Generated AjcClosure classes


On Dec 2, 2009, at 6:11 PM, Andy Clement wrote:

> Hi Silviu,
>> I am using Aj to perform runtime weaving. Afterwards, I'm saving the weaved
>> class into a cache so as to avoid the instrumentation on subsequent runs.
> You know, I'm on the verge of creating such a thing in AspectJ
> itself... I would be interested to here about your approach and how
> you know when to invalidate the cache, and what are you using as the
> cache key (some combination of the class itself hashed or something,
> plus the combination of aspects defined at the time, hashed or
> something?)
Great to hear this. Or not :) because I'm currently writing a paper about these things.
As a cache key I use a hash of the bytecode of the unaltered class. After I compute the hash, I weave aspects to the class and save the weaved class into the cache.
On subsequent program executions, I recompute the hash and retrieve the weaved version. When the list of aspects I instrument classes with changes, I invalidate the cache.
Thus, after changing the list of aspects, on subsequent runs, a new cache is rebuilt. One thing I'm considering is having caches for each sequence of applied aspects so as to not start from scratch if there is a common sub sequence between what I already cached and the new list of aspects.

> If AspectJ did this itself then the only user configuration would be a
> place to keep these woven classes so that they can be retrieved later.
> Do you have any specific requirements for the cache in your scenario?
> (or does anyone else reading this have requirements on a cache like
> this?)
Well, I would like to be able to retrieve them. Nothing more. A predefined place would be best.
>> Now, my problem is that I use around advices that create additional
>> Class$AjcClosure.
>> Is there any way I can get handle of those classes? I must mention I am
>> using a java agent that would normally be called whenever a new class is
>> loaded, but it appears that the Closure classes somehow escape this.
> There currently isn't a way for you to get at them I don't think - but
> there have been other requests to access them, or at least be made
> aware of them.  This wasn't for a caching purpose but merely to avoid
> clashes in the case where an attempt is made to define the same class
> twice (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=287426).
So what happens with the $AjcClosure classes? Isn't there a way I can get their bytecode? WeavingAdaptor has a method called "accept" that sounds to do just that. Also, the WeavingAdaptor constructor takes in a "GeneratedClassHandler". Is there a way I can get a hold of that handler from within "Aj"?

Thanks a lot!

> Raise an enhancement request and I'll see what I can do.
> Andy
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