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[aspectj-users] Overall problem with AJDT performance

Hi Andy, Andrew J


I’m still having problems with the performance of AJDT and AspectJ in my workspace.


Let me start by describing my environment:


Thinkpad T61p


Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.


Build id: 20090621-0832

based on Eclipse 3.5.0


Version: 2.0.1.e35x-20091001-1600

AspectJ version:


The workspace contains about 148 Java projects (and some others like features, project set projects etc.)


I disabled Build Automatically, restarted Eclipse and then cleaned the whole workspace. Then I started the build with Build All. The AJDT trace was set to the default values and opened. It is attached to this mail.


Here are the most relevant parts:


Line 192: 13:50:34 Project=com.dcx.ivkmds.application.ass, kind of build requested=Full AspectJ compilation

Line 208: 14:3:17 Types affected during build = 292

Line 211:Timer event: 766396ms: Total time spent in AJBuilder.build() -> more than 12 minutes!

Line 707: 14:22:6 Timer event: 117857ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.application.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.application.ass)


Line 370: 14:10:32 Project=com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.ass, kind of build requested=Full AspectJ compilation

Line 387: 14:18:45 Types affected during build = 24

Line 390; 14:18:46 Timer event: 493759ms: Total time spent in AJBuilder.build() -> more than 8 minutes!


Line 701: 14:21:10 Timer event: 62468ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.ass)


I figure that the types in these projects have a lot of joinpoints. Is there any place where I can see the number of joinpoints in these projects?


Actually, the number of types involved isn’t very high I would say.


So the question is are these compile / weave times normal? For us it is a major problem when the time to rebuild the whole workspace takes 38 minutes.


Is there anything I could try to do to improve the performance besides reducing the number of joinpoints?


I really like the benefit AspectJ provides but under these circumstances it is very unpleasant and difficult to work with it.


I’m looking forward to your reply.







Attachment: AJDT Trace - ivk + tests - defaul level
Description: AJDT Trace - ivk + tests - defaul level