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Re: [aspectj-users] AspectJ run-time licensing

Title: Re: [aspectj-users] AspectJ run-time licensing


I'm interested in the license exception noted in the FAQ, which Jacob Bower also referenced.  If distributing only 'aspectjrt.jar' as part of my product, I read it as only the warranty disclaimers being applicable.  Referring to the EPL license text, that would be solely the terms noted in "Section 5: NO WARRANTY"?

Is that indeed the extent of the terms which are applicable to distributing aspectjrt.jar?

I'd greatly appreciate clarification on this from the project leads, since I'm not a lawyer either, but I have to work with them.


Jacob Bower wrote:

I had got the impression that distribution generally wasn't going to be an issue.

However, I'm trying to understand what my obligations are in terms of for example making the end user view the EPL?

- Jacob

2009/7/13 Ramnivas Laddad <ramnivas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ramnivas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>

    I am not a lawyer, but I do not think there are any restrictions

    on redistributing aspectjrt.jar (or any of the the AspectJ jars).

    For example, aspectjrt.jar is distributed with many SpringSource

    products (open source as well as commercial).


    On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 1:59 PM, Jacob Bower <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxx

    <mailto:jacob@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


        I'm developing a Java library which will be distributed in jar

        form. In developing this library I have used AspectJ 1.6.5 and

        the resulting binary will include code woven in by the ajc

        compiler. To distribute this library I will need to distribute

        the AspectJ run-time. Users of the library will not need to

        use ajc to compile their code as all relevant joinpoints are

        internal to the library.

        In this case, what are the restrictions on distributing the

        AspectJ run-time. Can I include the aspectj.jar (or its

        conents) in my own jar with no notices?

        I've consulted the AspectJ FAQ on this matter, but I am

        unclear on how I'm supposed to preserve the warranty

        disclaimers in the license.



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