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Re: [aspectj-users] Problems with RCP Application using AspectJ and Spring


I tried the AJDT headless build now but encountered a few problems.
the first one is the one that was already pointed out by someone else:
in the productBuild.xml the entry for the allElementsFile is wrong and
should be
<property name="allElementsFile"

another problem I had with this file was that it failed to resolve the
${ajdt.pdebuild.scripts} which is defined
in the scripts/build.xml file. maybe I'm missing to set some properties or
pass them to the antrunner?
I only added the <arg value="-Dajdt.pdebuild.home="...."/> to the antrunner
call. is that sufficient?
when I simply put all the global properties that are defined in the
build.xml into the productBuild.xml, the build starts
but fails with the error, that also was reported somewhere else:

taskdef A class needed by class org.aspectj.tools.ant.taskdefs.AjcTask
cannot be found: org/aspectj/bridge/IMessageHandler

I tried everything that was suggested on the respective bug report page,
but the error remained.
any news on this issue? but maybe it's also because of my "fix" with the
global properties I described above.

best regards,

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