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RE: [aspectj-users] Intercept filter method

I don't know Tapestry, and perhaps your pointcut doesn't map exactly the
doFilter method which is executed.
Try with a more generic pointcut like :

	pointcut interceptor : execution(*
org.apache.tapestry5.TapestryFilter.doFilter(..) );

	void around() : interceptor {

System.out.println("============> TapestryFilterInterceptor.aj test aspectj
// eventually getArgs and handle them
// proceed();
Jean-Louis Pasturel

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Objet : [aspectj-users] Intercept filter method

I am new to aspectj and enounter a problem when trying to apply aspectj to
the web environment. My problem is that I need to use TapestryFilter and
want to add some more behaviour whilst tomcat execute doFilter method.
However, I notice that TapestryFilter.doFilter is marked as final so there
is no way to extend/ subclass it. Therefore, I try to use around()  advice
to bypass the method as the suggestion in

void around() : execution(* MyClass.finalize()) {
  ... no proceed() here

So I create a class where it contains the following code:

	pointcut interceptor(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse
FilterChain filterChain) : execution(*
ServletResponse, FilterChain) throws IOException, ServletException) &&
args(request, response, filterChain);

	void around(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response,
filterChain) : interceptor(request, response, filterChain) {

System.out.println("============> TapestryFilterInterceptor.aj test aspectj
// proceed();

What I expect is when filter gets called in the web environment (client
accesses the url from browser), the log should print information e.g.
TapestryFilterInterceptor.java test aspectj ...

Unfortunately, it seems the log doesn't show anything related to this

So my question is - is this the right way to use advice if I want to add
more code in the doFilter() method using aspectj? Or what is the right way
to do such task?

Thanks in advice.

I appreciate any suggestion.

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