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[aspectj-users] Re: Possible to use compile-time weaving with other generated classes?

I tried this, but it doesn't have builders for lombok or aspectj.  After
doing a little bit of poking around, it looks like it's from the
maven-aspectj plugin in the aspectj:compile phase/task.  That task is
actually a java complier, but it doesn't currently have the ability to
have the lombok javaagent registered with that compiler.  As a result,
lombok isn't getting run like it should.

I filed a bug with the maven-aspectj plugin to see if we can get support
for that compiler argument added to the supported list.

> Not sure if this will solve your problem, but you can try going to the
> Project Properties page -> Builders and move the Lombock  builder to
> run before the AspectJ builder.
> 2 potential problems, however:
> 1. m2eclipse may want to control the order in which builders run, so
> you may actually need to edit your pom.xml instead.
> 2. Although AspectJ works on proper Java or AspectJ byte code, it
> *may* have problems with Lombock if it does some unexpected
> transformations.  I don't know.  The only way to dind this out is to
> try.
> On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 2:43 PM, <davija@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I'm looking at using compile-time weaving on a project that I'm working
>> on.  However, I have had some issues getting this working correctly due
>> to
>> using lombok (projectlombok.org).
>> Lombok basically allows you to annotate a class that has code that is
>> dynamically created during compile time.  The trouble that I've had is
>> that aspectj tries to do stuff with the code before lombok gets the
>> chance
>> to work with it.
>> Currently I'm using eclipse 3.5, maven (with m2eclipse) and the aspectj
>> eclipse plugin.
>> Any help or thoughts on this would be appreciated, thanks.
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