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Re: [aspectj-users] only weave certain aspects from aspect library with ajdt


thx for your reply, this is very kind of you.

i will try to describe my problem more precisly. :)

i have a library (a jar file) with some classes and in the same library, there are some aspects. the concrete use case is, there are different aspects for transaction management that advised to the classes that need
it. obviously, weaving one transaction aspect is enough. but the library
cant know, which one is needed, it just comes with all available transaction
aspects. so it is the task of the user of the library to choose a certain
transaction aspect. so i include this library into my project and then i want to somehow enable the desired transaction aspect. since i'm using
eclipse and ajdt, it would be a dream if this could be done with it. can it be done?

otherwise i think i can do it with:
"ajc -injars mylibrary.jar -aspectpath mylibrary.jar"
but this weaves all aspects. how can i specify that only some desired aspects from the mylibrary.jar are woven?

best regards and thx again!
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