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[aspectj-users] Matching methods in a different module?


I am developing some multi-module project (maven-driven, if that matters). I
do have the module A, which holds the definitions and implementations of DAO.
In the module B there is a need to apply some advices to certain methods of
the DAO objects.

When I define an aspect in the module A, AJDT does report the correctness of
the pointcut expression, and it reports the advised methods as well.

However when I move the aspect to the module B - AJDT complains it can't find
advised methods.

Module A and module B are the projects in the workspace. Module B depends on
module A. Both of these modules have the AspectJ capability enabled.

So the question is - does AJDT tracks the classes, defined in the different
project, which is the one the current project holding an advice depends on?

Eugene N Dzhurinsky

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