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Re: [aspectj-users] annotations on mixin-generated field?

Tom - I'm back and just committed a change to make that delegate field synthetic.  It should be in a dev build today - might be worth you giving it a try when it becomes available.


2009/6/19 Andy Clement <andrew.clement@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Tom,

Quick reply from me - I'm heading out the door and will probably be offline for a few days.  I think perhaps that delegate field ought to be synthetic, that should also make hibernate ignore it.  (I can't think of an alternative clean way to attach annotations to it - copying them from the factory method sounds a little hacky).  I'll fix this when I return.

Spring Roo uses code style ITDs rather than annotation style mixins and that works fine (the annotated ITD fields have their annotations in the target) - but if you are limited to annotation style, then we'll have to work out a way to achieve the equivalent.


2009/6/18 Dunstan, Tom (SACE Board) <TomD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all

Firstly, thanks very much for the amazing turnaround on the previously reported issues. AspectJ 1.6.5 and the dev build of ADJT released yesterday have allowed me to progress much further.

Our actual case (rather than the test case that I fed the list) is adding property change support to a bunch of classes. Some of those are hibernate/JPA entity classes, and hibernate introspects private fields and assumes that they refer to database columns if it does not see an @Transient annotation on the field. This causes us problems because the mixin creates a private field that hibernate then complains about.

Is there any way to hang an annotation on that field? Just chucking the annotation on the factory method in the mixin doesn't seem to work.


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