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[aspectj-users] Parameter annotation being ignored

I have written this pointcut

pointcut annotatedWithManageConnection(ManageConnection m): (call(void *(..) throws Exception+) && @args(m)) ;

I was expecting that this will only pick call to methods whose first argument is annotated with @ManageConnection but somehow it appears to be picking all the methods with single argument including following

public void onlyParamIsString(String string) throws Exception {

public void onlyParamIsConnection(Connection conn) throws Exception{

I also tried this pointcut
pointcut annotatedWithManageConnection(): (execution(void *((@ManageConnection *)) throws Exception+) ) ;
which gives warning "does not match because annotation @util.ManageConnection has @Target{ElementType.PARAMETER} [Xlint:unmatchedTargetKind]"

What am I doing wrong?

Tahir Akhtar