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Re: [aspectj-users] Re: weaving existing OSGi jars and exclusion of aspect classes

> Simone Gianni wrote:
>> what you are talking about are "Aspect Libraries", that is a jar containing
>>  aspect that is then applied to other classes.
>> Obviously target will have the library as a dependency.

Captain Haddock schrieb:
> but the result is a jar that includes both the "library" and the "target" .. 
> I did not see options to exclude the "library"

It is very common that the lib includes some bits which need to be
present at runtime. If the library indeed consisted only of plain
aspects which maybe change the hierarchy, soften exceptions or
add annotations, then you might be able to run the woven code
without the library on your runtime classpath. But this situation
is extremely rare and, moreover, isn't easy to detect and distinguish
without understanding the internals of how the woven code works.

But maybe I haven't fully grasped your question...