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Re: [aspectj-users] weaving existing OSGi jars and exclusion of aspect classes

Hi Haddock,
what you are talking about are "Aspect Libraries", that is a jar containing aspect that is then applied to other classes. This can be done by ajc and by the maven plugin. Let's call the jar containing the aspects "library" and the jar containing classes to be woven "target".

Obviously target will have the library as a dependency. Then, the library must be on the "aspect path" of ajc, to do this you can configure the mojo as explained here http://mojo.codehaus.org/aspectj-maven-plugin/libraryJars.html

Another option is to use Equinox Aspects, which will apply your aspect library bundle directly to the target bundle at runtime, using LTW instead of compiling it during build time, making it very dynamic as it should be in OSGi.

Hope this helps,

Captain Haddock wrote:
Ultimately trying to do the following:

- all aspect classes will be included in a single OSGi bundle
- existing OSGi bundles will be woven with aspects

Instead of including the aspect classes in the resulting bundle, I would like to update the OSGi bundle's dependencies to include the OSGi bundle containing the aspect classes.

So first thing is whether the aspectj-maven-plugin has ability to not include the aspect classes? (I did not see a parameter to toggle this: http://mojo.codehaus.org/aspectj-maven-plugin/compile-mojo.html).

Second thing is the updating of the bundle dependencies .. anything there that can help me? (or I will have to do via a bunch of manual steps).

If these questions are better asked on another list then please advise.

thanks, Haddock

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