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RE: [aspectj-users] method's calls

Just a piece of code with an around advice to give an idea


            public abstract pointcut methods();


            Object around(): methods()     {


                        long deb = Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis();

                        Object retour = proceed();

                        long fin = Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis();

                        long duree= fin-deb;

                        if (duree >= this.durationMini) {






                                                           .append(new StringBuffer(outDurationMethods.getSdf()









                                                                                                          (fin - deb)).append("\n").toString());

                                   // outDurationMethods.flush();


                        return retour;




This abstract aspect must be implemented at ltw weaving ( aop.xml) or by extending it at Compile Time weaving.

I develop a handler Class ( outDurationMethods is an instance of this class, with synchronized accesses to write operations) to log the result in a file ( cvs format) that I can visualize with Excel for example.

There are examples in the aspectj doc/examples folder.



Cordialement / Best regards


Jean-Louis Pasturel


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I am a novice in AspectJ and I’m trying to count the number of calls for a method or the duration of one. Does anyone have a clue?  I also would like some advice about a good AspectJ documentation/help. Thanks.




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