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[aspectj-users] Use of aop.xml

I am trying to use AspectJ as the standard framework for logging and tracing for my J2EE application. After going thru some of the tutorials and AspectJ project side, I have identified about 15 pointcust and implemented them in a single aspect class.
But I want these pointcuts to be consumed by the client based on their package or class name pattern and found out that aop.xml offer this load time weaving functionality. But I couldn't succeed in getting it work and also I don't see much documentation on how to get this working.
This is what I have
  Aspect called TraceAspect contains 15 pointcuts with log4J api to log those point cuts execution.

Need to have a configurable xml file to selectively specify pointcut to specific class or package pattern.
Ii.e)  pointcut A should be applied to com.util.services.*
       pointcut B should be applied to com.all.services.*

Thanks and greatly appreciate time and effort in answering this,
- Sudharsan.