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[aspectj-users] Help required to define pointcut for getters returning a specific type.

Hello Everybody,


I am trying to define a pointcut to intercept all the calls to getter methods of following types.


public class A extends AbstractBusinessEntity{

            private String test1;

            private List<B> bCollection;

            private C c;

            public String getTest1(){                                     // I don’t want to intercept these getters

                        return this.test1;


            public List<B> getBCollection(){                         // I want to intercept all such getters

                        return this.bCollection;


public C getC(){

            return this.c;



public class B extends AbstractBusinessEntity{

            public String test2;





public class C extends AbstractBusinessEntity{

            public String test3;






I am trying to define the pointcut as below


      public pointcut auditCompositeGetter(AbstractBusinessEntity entity) :

(execution (public AbstractBusinessEntity AbstractBusinessEntity +.get*())

|| execution (public Collection<AbstractBusinessEntity> AbstractBusinessEntity +.get*()))

                  && target(entity);


However at the advice definition it gives a warning saying advice is not applied since it didn’t match. Could anyone please let me know if there is any problem with the pointcut definition above?


Thanks and Regards,


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