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Re: [aspectj-users] constructor problem in inner class

Hi Oliver,

It just so happens I wrote a blog post about how the compiler handles private inner classes and it precisely explains what you are seeing.

http://andrewclement.blogspot.com/ - see the article on "Compiler variation: javac and jdt"

ah, thanx, now I understand why my aspect did not work as expected. But can I exclude constructors of inner classes? If yes, how?

I can't quickly think of a way - seems to be a missing facility (can anyone else think of a way? - i cant keep all this syntax in my brain)  When I was writing the pointcut to try and do it, what I really wanted to write was:

execution(!nested new(..))

(or maybe !inner or !member)
I wonder if our modifier set needs a review (could add some others too... interface, aspect, class...)