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Re: [aspectj-users] Re: aspectj-users Digest, Vol 49, Issue 22

It sounds like it might be a bug to me.  In all cases where a type not being found results in an incomplete analysis (we don't know whether to weave something or not) then you should get the cantFindType xlint message (our equivalent to the ClassNotFoundException).

And if the type is only required for analysis (it is not intended to be woven) then it only needs to be on the classpath and not the inpath.

If you can give me any more specific details in a bug report then I will look into it.


2009/3/15 Kevin Roll <kroll@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Mar 13, 2009, at 4:54 PM, aspectj-users-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

So there were classes with the join points in on the classpath that needed
promoting to the inpath?

Actually, no. A class on the inpath had a join point at a method which takes a parameter of class X. This class X was not specified on the inpath. Now, I might have screwed up and not put it on the classpath either. I guess I would have expected a ClassNotFound exception - but what I saw was that the class was woven but those particular methods were ignored.

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