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RE: [aspectj-users] No warning for class not found in parameter type

I wonder if something could be done in AJDT to highlight things, such as a decoration for libs, packages and classes to indicate which are and aren't on the inpath.
I can't see this working unless the inpath projects were all AJDT enabled, which is something I try to avoid.
This is something that would be easier to browse in the Problems/Markers view once the Info messages have accurate resource/line number info.
See https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=268309

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Hi Kevin,

So there were classes with the join points in on the classpath that needed promoting to the inpath?  To put out a warning, wouldn't AspectJ have had to completely analyse everything on the classpath for potential join points to see if this kind of mistake had been made?  That would be rather expensive I think.  I guess that is one reason why the inpath exists in the first place, so that we don't analyse/weave more classes than necessary.  I can see it was awkward to debug for you, I'm just having trouble working out what AspectJ could do better that wouldn't kill performance.


2009/3/11 Kevin Roll <kroll@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
I just spent hours tracking down a problem which turned out to be a peculiarity in AspectJ. I have a pointcut

       pointcut setter(PropertyChangeSupported b): execution(void set*(*)) && this(b);

which I use to pick out setters of a bean. The advice that uses this pointcut was not being applied when the parameter to the method was a non-primitive type. After much investigation I determined that the classes at issue were not specified in the inpath; adding them solved the problem. I use a tightly controlled inpath to minimize the amount of time that the AspectJ compiler spends when running. The behavior of simply ignoring those methods was very unexpected to me; it seems that some sort of warning should have been issued. Thoughts?

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