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RE: [aspectj-users] WebLogic 9.2 + AspectJ = boom?

I’m pretty confident – the Aspect and classes referenced by it are all packed in a common jar that is deployed in WEB-INF/lib (in turn part of an EAR).  The reason I am curious is the fact that the EAR deploys perfectly on one 9.2 cluster, but not another.


I’ve pastebin’d some code – you can see the aspect in all of its hideous glory here: http://papernapkin.org/pastebin/view/4337/


(Yes, I’m a noob with AOP.  Try not to burn me too much.)




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Hi Mike,

Are you confident that 'com.cryptologic.bsg.model.communication.BsgResponseMessage' is on the classpath and accessible to the weaver?  Sometimes, as a 'last resort' AspectJ tries some of the imported prefixes on the front of types it is having trouble finding - to see if it can locate it.  A default imported prefix is 'java.lang'.  It might be that code which has added the rogue prefix, but the underlying symptom is likely to be that it couldn't find the 'com.cryptologic.bsg.model.communication.BsgResponseMessage' type.

With the failure, is there an ajcore.* file produced containing more information?

How is the BsgResponseMessage referenced? Are you binding it in a pointcut?  Is that an annotation style pointcut '@Pointcut' or a code style pointcut 'pointcut'?


2009/2/6 Michael Laccetti <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I deployed our application to a WebLogic 9.2 cluster, and ran into some problems.  In our development environment, everything worked okay, but in staging...  Not so much.  We use the same JDK, and the Spring Agent for LTW.  The application deploys okay, and the REST services function as expected, but the AOP stuff is non-operational.  There was no errors or warnings, so I turned on AspectJ logging.  Now, I see the following in the logs:

19:43:21.127 [ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '1' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)' E Unable to find class 'java.lang.com.cryptologic.bsg.model.communication.BsgResponseMessage' in repository java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java.lang.com.cryptologic.bsg.model.communication.BsgResponseMessage not found - unable to determine URL

I'm not sure where the "java.lang" part is coming from - this isn't prepended on the development environment, since it works properly.  Anybody have a clue as to what is going on?

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