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[aspectj-users] Re: AspectJ / AJDT -- what is stable?

Andy Clement schrieb:
> ....as I wrote up in 
> https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=263487

> the problem is declare soft from an aspect imported via a path, when
>  used for incremental compilation. I've committed the fix into
> AspectJ - attached is a patch you could apply to your configuration
> if you wanted to try it.

Hi Andy,

thanks for the quick fix; I've just applied the patch to my
aspectjweaver.jar and the bug is gone now -- I am happily using
incremental compilation in AJDT again!

> If you were to be serious about moving up to the latest released 
> version of AJDT for your project, we'll have to either patch what is 
> up there with just this fix or perhaps bring the date for AJDT 1.6.4 
> forward.

Well -- my first reply maybe sounded somewhat harsh because to the
general pressure due to our current situation.

It's not so much the formal status, but the actual behaviour what counts
here. Indeed, overall stability and performance both of AspectJ and AJDT
has considerably improved over the last months. From the various
comments I take that you are aiming rather at stabilisation currently.
This is nice for us too, as we are going into a new release cycle
shortly -- and this is the best opportunity to settle down on a new
driver and AJDT version. And of course we'll try to pick a version with
the maximum of bug fixes, because we'll have to live with it for some

I'll just stick to the version I have now (including the patch) and
check it out further!