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[aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.6.3 available

I'm very pleased to announce that AspectJ 1.6.3 is now available for download.  The 1.6.3 readme details the major changes and can be found here:


There are over 50 issues resolved in this release.  The readme lists the notable changes which include:
- creation of a standalone matcher for use without a weaver
- more internal enhancements to improve the AJDT experience
- support for parameter annotations on intertype method declarations
- more flexibility in argument binding when using annotation style after returning/throwing advice

There is only one fix in the final build that was not in the release candidate, this was for bug 259279, related to creation of duplicate generic bridge methods in a type for some compilation sequences (manifests as a ClassFormatError).

AspectJ 1.6.3 is available at the download page (source jars are also available there):


Thanks to everyone that has helped by raising bugs, contributing testcases (and sometimes even fixes!).  During 2008 we will have had 4 releases addressing almost 200 issues and the codebase is now in the best shape it has ever been.

For AspectJ 1.6.4 we will be looking at:

- simplifying intertype declaration syntax
- improving incremental compilation when a project contains intertype declarations
- addressing the confusion around the difference between intertype declarations and @DeclareParents
- looking at ltw memory usage (again!)
- building on the new matcher to provide more responsive tooling and maybe LTW specific tooling

The AspectJ team.