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Re: [aspectj-users] problem with iajc

Eclipse will do incremental builds for you.  Ant will not normally do incremental builds unless you ask.  In order to do an optimized incremental build we must maintain knowledge of what aspects are defined and how they are effecting the types - in order for that state to be long lived, the Ant process is long lived and you interact with it by pressing 'r' to cause incremental builds whenever you need one.  If you click into the console view I believe you can pass an 'r' keypress to Ant - although I've never tried it as I never use incremental Ant mode - do you really need it when you have Eclipse doing incremental builds for you?


2008/11/14 Luca Ferrari <fluca1978@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 13 November 2008 18:13:27 Andy Clement wrote:
> That message is because you asked for the ant task to run in incremental
> mode with 'incremental=true'.  Using that you can change your source files,
> hit 'r' and it will do an incremental build.  I wouldn't use that in a
> regular batch build process.

Uhm...Eclipse is not getting my 'r' key in any way, so the compiling process
still stay frozen. Since I run the compilation often thru Ant within Eclipse,
is there nothing I can do to force an automatic incremental compilation?

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