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[aspectj-users] Defining pointcuts or aspects within a normal java class


I am a total newbie to AspectJ, so apologies in advance if this question is stupid.

Quick question - Is either of the above possible and how?

If more explanation is required then read on -

I want to create an aspect for unit testing that can be used to replace method call return values with mock objects. I can do this already but I have to define the mocks, pointcuts and advice in an aspect and define separate pointcuts and advice for each object I want to replace. The downside is that looking at the test function it is not clear what is going on and I am defining a lot of around advice which essentially all does the same thing -(return a mock for a given pointcut). I was thinking that maybe it would be possible to make a method call within the test class, having for parameters a list of mock objects and a list of pointcuts, which is intercepted by an aspect that exposes the pointcuts and objects and can then use around advice on the specified pointcuts to replace the return values of those calls with the mock objects.

Or I would like to define an aspect within my test class so that it can have access to all the mock objects used.