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[aspectj-users] Activing / de-activing aspectjweaver agent without stopping the JVM

Hi all,

Activing / de-activing aspectjweaver LTW agent without stopping the JVM ?

A similar question, but not exactly the same, was asked few days ago.


It seems it is not possible today with the version 1.6.x of Aspectj.


Does the modification of the agent would be heavy to have the features described below:

- stopping agent aspectjweaver by sending a signal on the pid of the java process  and catching it ( we can do it, for example  with the non-documented classes sun…)

- modifying the aop.xml file configuration ( scope of the concrete  aspects, add new aspects …)

- starting the agent with the new aop.xml by sending the same signal or another


See JIProf  profiler project. It does the start and stop for its agent (http://sourceforge.net/projects/jiprof/)



Does it only a dream ? ;-)


Cordialement / Best regards


Jean-Louis Pasturel



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