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Re: [aspectj-users] hooking into app server


I can't answer the question...  but how to integrate ltw with appserver <insert app server name here> comes up on the list now and again.  So I've created an FAQ entry for it.  If anyone reading this can help me flesh it out from the purely general advice it currently includes (which Ramnivas wrote, thanks Ramnivas!), I will put it in there right away.

Current FAQ entry:

Bug entry where anyone wishing to contribute can add instructions/guidelines for an application server:


2008/9/25 <andymorton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have a several applications deployed in an application server (sun app server / glassfish) and have written several aspects to hook into the current applications (for logging purposes).

I understand this is done via load time weaving.

However, I added the javaagent into the VM options, and it resulted in my applications not starting up right.

I have exported my aspects as a jar, and want them to become active whenever I put them in a specific directory.
Do i put the aop.xml in this jar? Or does it sit somewhere else??

Im quite confused about the whole deployment issue, but believe that my aspects are working ok...
Can anyone point me in the appropriate direction?


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