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Re: [aspectj-users] aspectj tutorial feedback

Hi Leonardo,
it sounds good, nice job. I also feel AspectJ needs more tutorials like
this : less technical and more intuitive. While the official
documentation is complete and also quite simple to understand, it is
what it is : official documentation, not a practical, friendly tutorial,
like yours.

Do you think you will expand on it with new trails covering more
features in the future?


Leonardo Sá wrote:
> When i first started learning aspectj, i found out that the learning
> curve was a litthe rough for programmers like me that didn't have any
> previous aop experience. That led me to write a small tutorial on
> AspectJ on my blog: http://www.leo-sa.com/?p=3
> I would like some feedback from the community on how to improve that
> article further to make it easier for new programmers to get into the
> aspectj world as easily as possible.
> Thanks,
> Leonardo Sá
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