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Re: [aspectj-users] Aspect Weaving GlassFish and Errors

That is quite an aggressive aspect that you have there.  :-)  First,
are you sure that you want to use load time weaving?  It tends to be
more difficult to develop LTW aspects because there is no tooling
support for them (so you don't know if it works until you run your

So, you want to trace every single method and constructor execution of
a subclass of com.sun.jbi..*.

execution(* com.sun.jbi..*+.*(..)) && execution(* com.sun.jbi..*+.new(..))

Although, you may really want to advise the initialization of new
classes, rather than the execution of constructors:

initialization(* com.sun.jbi..*+.new(..))

But, as I mentioned, try compile time weaving first to make sure this
is doing what you want it to do.