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[aspectj-users] AJDT 1.5.3RC1

We're delighted to say that AJDT 1.5.3RC1 is now available from the
download page:


This release incorporates the latest  1.6.1 release of AspectJ.  Also,
significant effort has been put into making the Aspect path and In
path more flexible.  Now, you can add projects and classpath
containers.  See the new and noteworthy page for more details:


AJDT 1.5.3 is primarily a bug fixing release as 24 bugs have been fixed:


We plan to release 1.5.3 final this week, so please download RC1, try
it out, and let us know what you think.  We're grateful to all the
users that submitted bug reports and patches for  this release, and
for helping us to diagnose problems.

After 1.5.3 is released, we will be switching our focus to releasing
an AJDT 1.6 for Eclipse 3.4.  With 1.6 you can  continue to expect
greater reliability and a more seamless integration with Eclipse.  We
are also experimenting with some exciting ideas that might be able to
significantly improve the user experience with AJDT.

Thanks and stay in touch
-- The AspectJ and AJDT Team.