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[aspectj-users] Handling Exception while accesing Instance variable

Hi All,
Im using Aspect J 1.5 and I need to write a pointcut to handle exceptions while accessing .
So i come up with a point cut like one below
pointcut handle() : call( public *  com.lfg.edm..*.get*(..));

This one works fine if they call using the getter methods.

Now if i have a method like
All of these type of access are now handled with my pointcut
But can anyone help me to define the same pointcut when the user tries to access the object like below

  Policy policy =  x.y.z ;
  Assume all the fields are public and so you can access with x.y.z.

Thanks for your help in advance

Vinodh Subbiah,
580 Laforet Street,Apt 14
Windsor N9C3G8
Ph 519-971-7847

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