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RE: [aspectj-users] help on pointcuts weaving

Because :


tries to catch a method of a method !

If you want to catch all methods beginning by getInetadress you must write : Socket.getInetadress*(..)  witout the dot.



Jean-Louis Pasturel

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Objet : [aspectj-users] help on pointcuts weaving




I am a newbie to aspectj trying to figure out how it works.

Could you please tell me if  we could  weave in aspects around java method calls like System.out.println or methods like Socket.getInetadress.* etc.


When I am trying to write a pointcut for call(* Socket.getInetadress(..)) it weaves in the aspects fine.

When the named pointcut is changed to capture call(* Socket.getInetadress.*(..)) then the respective joinpoints are not captured.Please could you help me with this.


thank you.





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