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Re: [aspectj-users] load-time-weaving with maven aspectj plugin

On Jun 16, 2008, at 9:57 AM, manuel aldana wrote:


am posting to this list because most likely one of you is using maven aspectj plugin. my current problem is that enabling load-time- weaving with aspectj-plugin does not work properly. i tried out to enable load-time weaving and to use the aop.xml generation capability of aspectj-maven-plugin, but still following happens:
-plugin still tries to do compile weaving

Jupp this is a correct observation, there is at this point no option to just create the aop.xml (I do not know if that at all is possible, but perhaps some of the guys here would know)

-aop.xml does not get generated (though <outputxml>true</outputxml> is used)

That would be a bug. please file a bug at codehaus jira on the mojo project using the aspectj component with information about your env.

so how do i achieve that load-time weaving is enabled, i.e. aop.xml is generated (with defining certain source-aspect-libraries and target-libraries) and further more compile weaving is switched off?

For now that is not possible with the maven aspectJ plugin. Well that is if you do not do serious amount of maven and pom magic, using profiles and alternate target areas and stuff, but I would not recomend it.

manuel aldana
software-engineering blog: www.aldana-online.de

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