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[aspectj-users] LTW enviroments

Hi, I'm an eclipse user, and I'm trying to convert some aspects to LTW,
and I'm wondering how people have their dev enviroments set up. For instance, the problem I'm running into now is that my aspects,
which reside in the project whose classes they effect, seem to weave
on compile regardless of what I do. If (in response to this) I get rid
of the AspectJ nature, the Aspects do not compile at all (of course),
and project starts showing errors.
So, it seems to me that I want my Aspects compiled, but not
woven -- so that when I run my program the LWT can take
place on as-of-yet-unwoven classes.

Now I realize that I could accomplish what I want by putting my LTW
aspects into a separate eclipse project, but that seems drastic and unintuitive,
and I figure there must be some way around this that I can't find in the

Any suggestions would be welcome.