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[aspectj-users] Websphere, outdated aspectjrt.jar


I noticed that woven classes do not deploy on WAS 6.1 due to old version of aspectjrt.jar in server lib folder. It all works fine on JBoss.
Changing anything outside of my application EAR is not an option, especially when it comes to server libraries.

Currently there is only one aspect for tracking domain object "dirtiness". The pointcut captures execution of set* methods, and around advice uses JoinPointStaticPart to invoke corresponding getter and compare result against value being set. The aspect is woven at build time with <iajc>.
As I understand, JoinPointStaticPart is what makes classes dependent on aspectjrt.jar, but I'm not sure if the aspect can be implemented without it.

Can you please suggest a way out? To me this issue looks like a bold showstopper - you cannot build production-ready applications for WAS 6.x with AspectJ 1.5. I was hoping there is some sort of non-intrusive known solution/workaround.
My last resort is to drop AspectJ and try to get away with spring proxies, but this will make things harder, and possibly slower.