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Re: [aspectj-users] How can i change modifier from private to public? AST? Preprocessor? Java6 Processor?

Hi Raffi,

Refactoring in Eclipse seems to be a synonym for transformation and this is exactly what I want. But as far as I understood the refactoring, it overrides the source code. But it is important, that the original source code isn't modified.

Perhaps, I should make a "generated" temp folder with preprocessed files via a "normal" preprocessor and after that, let AspectJ compile and weave the generated folder. But that would bother me, because it isn't just a nice solution. ;-)

Thank you for pointing me to the refactoring-page.

Timo Meinen (timomeinen@xxxxxxxxx)

Am 18.02.2008, 17:13 Uhr, schrieb Raffi Khatchadourian <khatchad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

On Mon 18.Feb'08 at 16:07:09 +0100, Timo Meinen wrote:
The affected modifiers are identified by an annotation. At the moment
I am using a Java-6 processor and modify the abstract syntax tree
(AST), which is on the one hand complex and on the other not AspectJ
compatible (I think).

I agree with Eric as to the issue why aspects are being used, but you may want to take a look at the refactoring facilities available in Eclipse:

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