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Re: [aspectj-users] aspectpath not picked up in AJDT PDE headless build

Thank Andy,
I will take a closer look at the code if time permits.

On 2/3/08, Andy Clement <andrew.clement@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Linton,

I'm not sure aspectpath support has been implemented - so you may be
doing nothing wrong. Feel free to look over the code and submit a
patch for it ;)


On 03/02/2008, Linton Ye <ye.linton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to headless build (PDEbuild) some Eclipse plug-ins which have
> some cross-plugin aspects.  I replaced
> org.eclipse.pde.build\lib\pdebuild-ant.jar with the one
> included in AJDT.  However, it seems the aspectpath configured in AJDT is
> not picked up in the headless build.  The cross-plugin aspects work as
> expected within AJDT/Eclipse, but do not work in the executables produced by
> the headless build.
> The following are some details about my set up:
> Plugin "foo" and plugin "bar" are both AspectJ projects.  In plugin "foo",
> there are some aspects that will be woven into plugin "bar".  So an
> aspectpath pointing to "foo/bin" is configured in plugin "bar" in AJDT.  So
> the .classpath file of plugin "bar" has the following aspectpath entry:
>  <classpathentry kind="lib" path="/foo/bin">
>   <attributes>
>    <attribute name="org.eclipse.ajdt.aspectpath" value="true"/>
>   </attributes>
>   </classpathentry>
> The generated ant task in plugin "bar"'s build.xml looks like the following,
> notice there is no <aspectpath> entry created.
>   <iajc destDir="${temp.folder}/@dot.bin" failonerror="true"
> argfiles="${ajcArgFile}" verbose="true" fork="true" maxmem="512m"
> debug="${javacDebugInfo}"
> bootclasspath="${bundleBootClasspath}"
> source="${bundleJavacSource}" target="${bundleJavacTarget}">
>     <forkclasspath refid="@dot.classpath" />
>    <forkclasspath>
>     <pathelement path="${aspectj.plugin.home}/ajde.jar"/>
>     <pathelement path="${aspectj.weaver.home}/aspectjweaver.jar"/>
>      <pathelement path="${aspectj.runtime.home}/aspectjrt.jar"/>
>     <pathelement path="${eclipse.tools.home}"/>
>    </forkclasspath>
>    <src path="src/"   />
>    </iajc>
> I have tried AJDT1.41+Eclipse 3.2 and AJDT 1.5.1+Eclipse 3.3, but both
> produced the same build.xml file with no aspectpath entry.
> Thank you!
> Linton
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