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[aspectj-users] Access to the aspect in 'pertypewithin' type


I'm quite new to AspectJ so please apologize that some terms might not
fully hit the target.

I tried hard to find the 'pertypewithin' keyword which allows me to do
exactly what I wanted. (Guess what - debug logging and tracing). I'm
working with a 1.4 JDK. Inspecting the generated code there is one thing
that makes me unhappy because it is not as good as it could be:

To access the DeclaringType's aspect instance in the advice I need to call aspectOf(thisJoinPointStaticPart.getSignature().getDeclaringType()).
This generates code that calls the static aspectOf(Class) method of the
aspect to look up the DeclaringType's aspect instance via
reflection. This simply returns a pointer back to the member that is already statically accessible in the DeclaringType
This could be directly accessible even in the static arrear (if(...)) allowing some major improvements - but unfortunately it not exposed to the advice.

Am I just missing an other key word to get direct access? Or is this a
feature that needs to be coded?

If needed I can give more details.

Thanks for any feedback,