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Re: [aspectj-users] How to access "withincode" type


Since the @Profiling annotation is on the caller method (i.e. not on the call join point itself), you will need the following pointcut:
@Pointcut("call(* java.sql.Statement+.execute*(..)) && withincode(@com.xyz.Profiling * *(..)) && @withincode(profiling)")
void profilingSQLExecute(com.xyz.Profiling profiling) {}

Even the following pointcut should work:
@Pointcut("call(* java.sql.Statement+.execute* (..)) && @withincode(profiling)")
void profilingSQLExecute(com.xyz.Profiling profiling) {}


On Jan 24, 2008 4:02 PM, Parmar, Dipak (IS Consultant) <DParmar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks Dean.


With your suggested pointcut definition, I get a compilation error -- name pattern expected.


I don't want the object of the class, what I want is an instance of the Profiling annotation.  I have tried the below but didn't execute my Advice.          


@Pointcut("call(* java.sql.Statement+.execute*(..)) && withincode(@com.xyz.Profiling * *(..)) && @annotation(profiling)")void profilingSQLExecute(com.xyz.Profiling profiling) {}



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I presume you want the object of the class that implements "makeProfileDataBaseCall".  I'll call the interface that declares it "ProfileMaker", since I don't know what it's really called. Try this pointcut:


@Pointcut("call(* java.sql.Statement+.execute*(..)) && withincode(@com.xyz.Profiling * ..ProfileMaker+.*(..)) && target(profileMaker) && @annotation(profiling)")

void profilingSQLExecute(ProfileMaker profileMaker, com.xyz.Profiling profiling) {}

(I forgot what you called the pointcut method before, so I just made up a name). Note that you use "target()" and "@annotation" to bind the object and annotation, respectively, to variables declared in the method. These variables will then be available in the advice, so you can get the value of the annotation, etc.  The advice method would require the same argument signature.


Notice also that I used "..ProfileMaker+" to refer to any subclass (i.e., implementer) of the interface and I used ".." before the name, which is the package wildcard with arbitrarily-deep nesting.






On Jan 24, 2008, at 12:48 PM, Parmar, Dipak (IS Consultant) wrote:

Here is my pointcut definition

@Pointcut("call(* java.sql.Statement+.execute*(..)) && withincode(@com.xyz.Profiling * *(..)) ")

Here is my sample mathod


            public void makeProfileDataBaseCall() {


                CallableStatement statement = connection.prepareCall("{ call PACKAGE.PROCEDURE(?) }");




How I can get an instance of "makeProfileDataBaseCall" method and its annotation?  "joinPoint.getSignature()" gives the "execute" method but not "makeProfileDataBaseCall" method.

If this can't be possible, then is there a way to re-write the above pointcut that limit only JDBC type of profiling.



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