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回复: Re: [aspectj-users] method <clinit>code size too big problem when weaving

Sorry, I mean 3200 joinpoint shadows.
So you mean JoinPointStaticParts will generate static initial method, right?
I checked my aspect and found I'm using
in the code. I compare the recompiled weavened code between before and after commenting this code, and confirm that this code will generate static initial method.Then I checked the API doc, I guess it should actually using JoinPointStaticParts, which cause the error.
But the problem is I really need to use getLine() method.Because the code I'm weavening is like:
SomeInterface ImplementClassName;
public method{
The ImplementClass is name of a very complex class ImplementClass and in my context it is null, now I want to get "ImplementClassName". What I'm doing now is to get "ImplementClassName.get(args);" in the sourcecode by using getLine() then get "ImplementClassName".In my program, what will returned is decided by ImplementClassName and args, but I can only get SomeInterface information using ApsectJ Runtime API.
Is there some substitutionary method to implement this function?
Thank you very much.

Eric Bodden <eric.bodden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 写道:
You mean you have 3200 pieces of advice? Or 3200 joinpoint shadows? In
the former case, your code is wrong, I suppose, and in the latter
case, it seems strange that 3200 JoinPointStaticParts are being


On 14/01/2008, 司徒诚颢 wrote:
> Hi,
> When my aspectj is weaving to a class which has 3200 advises, eclipse
> reporting Error "problem generating method packageXX.ClassXX. : Code
> size too big: 78716".
> I know this is caused by the limitation of the length of java method can not
> longer than 64kb.
> I modify this class and reduce the number of advises to only 3 and recompile
> it, and find it will generate a static initial method like below:
> static
> {
> Factory factory = new Factory("StubClass.java",
> Class.forName("StubClass"));
> ajc$tjp_0 = factory.makeSJP("method-call",
> factory.makeMethodSig("1", "get", "pachageX.ClassX", "java.lang.String:",
> "string:", "", "java.lang.String"), 13);
> ajc$tjp_1 = factory.makeSJP("method-call",
> factory.makeMethodSig("1", "get", "pachageX.ClassX", "java.lang.String:",
> "string:", "", "java.lang.String"), 15);
> ajc$tjp_2 = factory.makeSJP("method-call",
> factory.makeMethodSig("1", "get", "pachageX.ClassX", "java.lang.String:",
> "string:", "", "java.lang.String"), 18);
> }
> That means if there are 3200 advises, there will be 3200 statements in the
> static initial method, which may cause the error.
> And below is my around method:
> Object around(String var) : aroundGet(var)
> {
> //proceed(value);
> String key = var;
> int line = thisJoinPoint.getSourceLocation().getLine();
> Object value = findProperties(line, key);
> return value;
> }
> private Object findProperties(int line, String key)
> {
> Object result = null;
> TestData testData = BaseTestCase.getTestData();
> result = testData.getValue(line, key);
> return result;
> }
> And another thing is I find that the logic in the around() method will
> determine the weaved code, if I just return a random number in the around(),
> Aspectj will not generate static initial method, under this scenario, the
> weaving can success is there are 3200 advises.If I change the around() to :
> Object around(String var) : aroundGet(var)
> {
> return new java.util.Random().nextInt(10000);
> }
> It will generate code like below:
> private static final String get_aroundBody4(StubClass stubclass, SomeClass
> someclass, String s)
> {
> return someclass.get(s);
> }
> private static final Object
> get_aroundBody5$advice(AroundGetMethods this, String var,
> AroundClosure ajc_aroundClosure, AroundGetMethods aroundgetmethods, String
> s, AroundClosure aroundclosure)
> {
> return Integer.valueOf((new Random()).nextInt(10000));
> }
> By the way, when I use LTW to weaving this class, aspects generating
> OutOfMemoryError.
> But I think if the problem of static way is solved, the LTW should be OK
> too.
> So how could I solve this problem? Is there some good suggestions?
> Thanks for the help.
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