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[aspectj-users] Creating a crosscut using ClassLoader.Loadclass using AspectJ

Dear peole,

For a university assignment, I had to do a number of assignments. One of these (the last one) is creating an aspect which checks for code coverage, specifically function coverage.

To do so, I planned to use a crosscut on the ClassLoader.LoadClass function, so I can check each class which is loaded in order to list it's methods (it's okay to check only the loaded classes).

But whatever I'm doing, the Aspect just won't get triggered.
My current code :

after() returning(Class <?> c): target(ClassLoader) && call (Class<?> loadClass(..)) && !within(SWE35)

SWE35 is the current aspect. Afaik, this should work but I've also tested while removing the <?> part (generics don't have to be explicitely mentioned afaik). Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've written succesfully about 25 aspects, but I just can't figure this one out.

I'm using Sun Java 1.6 on a Linux box, and Eclipse-3.2 using it's respective AspectJ plugin (the newest one) without further security modifications.


Boudewijn Ector