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[aspectj-users] Aspects needed in runtime for Eclipse plugins?

I'm using AJDT in Eclipse and I'm developing Eclipse plugins with aspectj
support. But even if I export my projects with aspectj support the
"aspectjified code" doesn't seem to kick in. I'm using Eclipse 3.2 and
aspectj I have my aspects defined in their own projects
separate from the projects that should be woven. The aspect projects bin
folders are added as in-path dependency to the projects that should be woven
by the aspects. To deploy the whole lot I export everything from a feature
into a folder. When this is done I manually export that projects that need
aspectj support using "Deployable plug-ins and fragments with AspectJ
support" and overwrite their counterparts generated by the feature export.
The plugin executes normally but the code that should have be altered by
aspectj doesn't kick in, i.e. it seems like something is missing (I'm quite
sure that there's nothing wrong with my pointcut). Everything works fine
from my development Eclipse environment, it's only when I export and deploy
the project into a clean Eclipse that I run into this behavior. So does
anyone have a clue what I may be doing wrong here? I have the aspectj
runtime environment in a separate bundle/eclipse plugin as well. I have
tried to both include and exclude the actual aspect projects in the runtime
environment as well without any luck. Are the aspectj projects (only
containing the aspectj code, i.e. the .aj files) actually needed in run-time
if you're using compile-time weaving? 

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