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[aspectj-users] iajc ant task - out of memory

We have been using AspectJ for a few years now, and it is doing 
everything we want it to do at runtime. We are currently using 
version 1.5.3.

However, as our project has grown, we sometimes run into out of 
memory problems at compile time with the iajc task. Naturally we have 
tried playing with all the possible memory settings, and typically 
our developers now use 1024M as the maxmem setting. Usually 
everything works fine, but when the dreaded iajc memory error hits, a 
developer can be stuck for hours trying to remedy it. It happens with 
various JVMs (all Java5) - and on both Windows and Linux. The error 
is inconsistent. It is possible to compile twice in a row, making no 
changes, and have it fail the first time and work the second time. 
Sometimes deleting the classes to force a clean build will fix the 
problem. I know this is a FAQ item, and I am not really looking for 
answers on how to tweak the JVM settings.

It has become annoying enough for us that we are considering ripping 
out AspectJ altogether.


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