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Re: [aspectj-users] after throwing problem

Ive had the same problem, and my solution was to implement that particular aspect using the language extensions instead of annotations. If you raise this as a bug, please post it back to the list so that I can watch it, too.

Ashley Williams wrote:


Having converted my aspects to use the @AspectJ style, I'm now getting a strange error message when a compile my tracing aspect,.
First here is the section of code:

@Pointcut("execution(@Tracing * *(..)) && @annotation(tracing)")
void annotatedMethods(Tracing tracing) {
@AfterThrowing(pointcut = "annotatedMethods(tracing)", throwing = "t")
public void logException(JoinPoint thisJoinPoint, Tracing tracing,
Throwable t) {
Level level = Level.toLevel(tracing.level());
if (logger.isEnabledFor(level)) {
logger.log(level, formatter.formatSignatureThrowing(thisJoinPoint),

So I am matching on all methods annotated with @Tracing and logging the subclass of Throwable that may have been thrown.
However when I run my test case i get the following error:

java.lang.VerifyError: (class: com/db/abfo/tracing/PojoOne, method: calculate signature: ()V) catch_type not a subclass of Throwable

This used to work when I used the aspectj after throwing language extention form:

pointcut annotatedMethods(Tracing tracing) : execution(@Tracing * *(..)) && @annotation(tracing);

after(Tracing tracing) throwing(Throwable t) : annotatedMethods(tracing) {
Level level = tracing.level().getLevel();
if (logger.isEnabledFor(level)) {
logger.log(level, formatter.formatSignatureThrowing(thisJoinPoint),

Any ideas?
- Ashley

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